"I want my photographs to tell stories. And I want stories that come from moments of life, like a still from an old movie. Movement and pain and the simple joys of being alive are frozen in time. Only a glance is needed to read the lines between people and find the story."

Heather Evans Smith’s photographs reveal the magic in the everyday, opening a door to a world where cowgirl princesses and classical guitarists meet in the peculiar light of her imagination. Domestic scenes with a vintage flair give way to the warmth of a wedding Saturday, to images of friendship and new motherhood. Slices of life that might otherwise go unseen take shape through her lens, telling the subject’s story in an unexpected new way.

Smith’s work includes client, exhibition and commercial pieces and has been featured in both solo and joint exhibitions, various magazines, the book "In Her Own Image" and on book covers in the U.S. as well as Europe.